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Popular Tools for Brute-force Attacks

Brute-Force Attacks are still one of the most popular password-cracking methods. However, this is not just for cracking passwords.  This attack is basically “a hit and try” until successful. This attack sometimes takes longer, but its success rate is high. In this article, I try to understand Brute-Force attacks and popular tools used in various dimensions to conduct brute-force attacks to get the desired result.

What is a Brute-force attack?

Brute-Force Attacks When an attacker uses a set of predefined humans to attack the target and analyzes the response until it succeeds. Success depends on the set of predefined humans. If it is large, it will take longer, but there is a better chance of success. The most common and easy to understand the example of a brute-force attack is the aggression to crack the password. In this, the attacker uses a password word that contains millions of words that can be used like a password. Again the attacker tries to do these passwords one-by-one for authentication. If this string is the correct password, the attacker will be successful.

In a conventional Brute-Force attack, the attacker simply try to spell letters and numbers to generate a password sequentially. However, when the password is too long, this traditional technology will take more time. Depending on the length of the systems and password used in these attacks, it may take several minutes or several minutes to many years.

To prevent password cracking using a brute-force attack, always use a longer and compressed password. This attacker’s password makes it difficult to predict, and a series of cruel attacks will take a lot of time. Most of the time, WordPress users face cruel-force attacks against their website. An account locked out attacker is another way to prevent web applications from being cruel-hit. However, for offline software, things are easy to secure.

In this way, for the discovery of hidden pages, the attacker estimates the name of the page, sends the request, and views the reaction. If a page does not exist, then this response shows 404 and on success, the response will be 200. In this way, this page can be found on any website hidden.

Reverse brute-force attack

One of the reverse brute-force attacks is one and the word that is connected to password cracking. This takes an opposite opinion in Password Cracking. In it, the attacker tries a password against multiple usernames. Think whether you know the password, but there is no user name design. In this case, you can try the same password and estimate the different username until you can get a functional connection.

Now, you know that brute-force attack is mainly used for password crapping. You can use it in any software, any website or any protocol, which blocks requests after some invalid probes. In this post, I’m going to add some brute-force password-cracking tools to different protocols.


Popular tools for brute-force attacks


I’m sure you already know about Aircock-ng devices. A popular wireless password-cracking tool available for free. I mentioned this device also on the most popular password cracking tool in my old post. This tool comes with WEP / WPA / WPA2-PSK cracker and analytics tool to attack Wifi 802.11. Aircrak ng can be used for any NIC, which supports raw monitoring mode.

It originally attacks against wireless networks to predict passwords. As you already know, the success of the attack depends on the password. The password dictionary is as good and effective as it will be, the more or more a password.

It is available for Windows and Linux platforms. There is also a port for running on iOS and Android platforms.

Download Aircrack-Ng from this link: http://www.aircrack-ng.org/

John the Ripper

John de Reaper is another wonderful tool that does not require any introduction. This free password-cracking software is initially developed for the Unix system. Later, developers introduced it to many other platforms. Now, this supports fifteen different platforms including Unix, Windows, DOS, BOSS, and OpenVMS. You can either identify a weak password or use it to crack the password to break authentication.

This is used automatically in the password, so you can also run encrypted password storage.

In fact, these texts and numbers combine cruel force with all possible passwords. However, you can also use it as a password to attack the dictionary.

Download John the Reaper From This Link: http://www.openwall.com/john/

Rainbow Crack

Rainbow crack is also a popular brute-forceing device used for cracking passwords. It creates rainbow tables for use while attacking. In this way, it is different from other traditional brute -forcing tools. The rainbow table is calculated in advance. It helps to reduce time in the attack.

The good thing is that there are various organizations that already publish pre-computer rainbow tables for all internet users on the Internet. To save time, you can download those rainbow tables and use them in your attack.

This device is still in active development. It is available for both Windows and Linux and supports all the latest versions of these platforms.

Download Rainbow Crack and read more about this link about this link: http://project-rainbowcrack.com/

Cain and Abel

I’m sure if you’ve already heard the name of this password-cracking tool. It is brute force cinematic attacks, demonstrating attacks, and Transcriptional attacks help crack different types of passwords. Outlined rainbow table This device is used by the Kriptanalisis attack.

It is important to note that some virus scanners identify as malware. Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials reported it to those malware and blocks system. If it is your system, you must first block your antivirus.

Its basic functions:

Touch the network
Encrypted password cracking using dictionary
Brute Force and Crypt-analysis Attack
Recording VoIP Conversation
Scrambled password decoding
Recovering wireless network key
The password box exposes
Highlight cached passwords
Analyze routing protocol.
The latest version of the tools has many features, and added Snifing man in the middle attack.

Can and available download at this link: http://www.oxid.it/cain.html


L0phtCrack is known for its ability to crack the Windows password. Scheduling the most notable features, 64-bit Windows versions have Hasforoser algorithms and network monitoring and hash extraction and decoding L0phtcrack. If you want to crack the password of the Windows system, you can try this tool.

Download L0phtCrack from this link: http://www.l0phtcrack.com/


Oracle is a bit creation tool that is typically used to crack a Windows password. This preserves Windows password by using LM hash through the Rainbow Tables. This is a free and open source device. In most cases, they can crack a Windows password in a few minutes. By default, OffCare has fewer than 14 characters of passwords with rainbow tables to crack with crashburi characters only. Other rainbow tables are also available for download.

The format is also available as live CDD.

So  download the link from this link: http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/



This is the oldest password cracking tools. This is a password-cracking tool for the Unix system. It is used to verify weak passwords with the effect of dictionary attacks.

So download Crack using this link: http://www.crypticide.com/alecm/software/crack/c50-faq.html


Hashcat claims to be a fast CPU-based password cracking tool. It’s free and comes in Linux, Windows, and Mac OS platforms. Haskat offers various hashing algorithms including LM hash, MD4, MD5, SHA-Family Unix crypt formats, MySQL, Cisco Pix. It offers a variety of attack, including Attack of the Brute Force Combinetr Attack, attacking attack, fingerprint attack, hybrid attack, mask attack, attacking permutations, rule-based attacks, table-lookup attack and toggle-case attack.

So download Haskat Link: https://www.hashcat.net/


He claims to have cracked a million computers per computer on a good computer. It supports various attack methods, including attacks including mask attacks, dictionary attacks, hybrid attacks, and rainbow tables. It supports over 400 hashing algorithms.

So download  from this link: http://www.insidepro.com/


DIGITAL is a popular brand-forcing tool for Mac OS X. It supports all available versions of Mac OS X. This tool supports both attacking attacks and increasing attacks also It also has a distributed mode that lets you attack multiple computers to attack similar password hashs.

So download Demo from this link: https://github.com/octomagon/davegrohl


There is also a popular password cracking tool to crack NAC network authentication. It supports various protocols including RDP, SSH, HTML (S), SMB, POP3 (S), VNC, FTF and Telnet this can do various attacks including a brute-force attack. It supported various including Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac OS X.

So download Ncrack from this link: https://nmap.org/ncrack/

THC Hydra

Through Hydra is known for its ability to crack a network. Authentication password by displaying brute-force attacks. It attacks dictionaries against more than 30 protocols, including Telnet, FTT, HTML, https, SMB, and more also It is available for various platforms including Linux, Windows / Sigvin, Solaris 11, FreeBSD 8.1, OpenBSD, OSX and QNX / BlackBerry.

So download THC Hydra From This Link: https://sectools.org/tool/hydra/

These are some of the popular brute-bursing tools for password craking. Some other tools are also available that give strong force to different types of authentication. If I only give examples of some small tools. You will see most of the PDF cracking, zip cracking tools use the same brute force method. Many such tools are available for free or for payment.


Brute-firing is the best password cracking method. The success of the attack is based on various factors. However, many factors affecting factor length and characters are combination of letters and special characters. This is the reason why we talk about strong passwords; We usually suggest users to keep long passwords with a combination of lower-case letters, capital letters, numbers and special characters. It makes the brutal force impossible, but it makes the brutal force difficult. Therefore, it will take a long time to reach the password in Butt firing. Almost all algorithms have a cracked hash to crack and try on the brush-force. In that case, it simplifies cracking and takes less time.