//Difference Between Scripting, Markup And Programming Languages
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Difference Between Scripting, Markup And Programming Languages

Scripting, Markup And Programming Languages Following in ..

Programming languages

A programming language is simply a set of rules that tell the computer system what to say so how to do it. It gives computer notifications to perform a specific task. The programming language has a series of well-defined steps that strictly adhere to the computer to produce the desired output. Failure to follow the steps so have been defined will result in a mistake, and sometimes the computer will not be intended for the purpose.

Markup languages

By name, we can easily say that markup language is about visual and form. By default, this is the main role of markup languages. Its data is used for presentation. It defines the last appearance or appearance of the information required to be displayed on the software. There are also two HTML an XML in the most powerful markup languages. If you have used these two languages, you should be familiar with the effect of aesthetics on the website.

Scripting languages

Scripting language is a type of language that has been created to communicate with other programming languages. Examples of commonly used scripting languages ​​include Javascript, VBSScript, PHP, etc. It is most often used with other languages, programming or markup languages. For example, PHP is a scripting language, primarily used in conjunction with HTML. It is safe to say that all scripting languages ​​are programming languages, but not all programming language languages.


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